The Art Of Getting Dressed

A picture is worth a thousand words. When it comes to self-image, which one are you using?


I am Koko, a compulsive reader of the language of clothes. Dressing the human masterpiece is my art.

Image Manager

A Life Changing Experience

When it comes to Self-Image, the idea of someone asking for assistance can come with small signs of embarrassment, it can « sounds a bit silly » to take an interest in such things. We fear doing so is trivial, superficial. But the fact is if you feel confortable and you feel like you look good. You are going to act that way. It’s a way in. It always will be.
Did Wonder Woman or Superman’s outfit help them boost their testosterone and give them more strength and power? Somehow did it help reduce cortisol (the stress hormone) levels in their body? Without it, would they have acted the same way? Don’t know if James Bond would be Himself without Tom Ford around.
Check your wardrobe. If you look good, you feel good. Going deeper into this might be a life changing experience. 

Your Visual Art


Get the attitude


Know your worth


Become limitless


Atelier & Masterpiece

Art deliberately addresses the senses, emotions, intuitions and intellect. Performance Art can be when an artist acts out a scene without playing a role in order to raise a direct emotion in others. Somehow, is this not what we all do each time we show up dressed?
I see people as an unfiltered picture of life, where style is performance art and appearance is artwork. An inexhaustible source of inspiration for the sensitive and logical analysis of the points to be dealt with when it comes to dress the human masterpiece.
Enjoy the art

Price Table

1 Atelier – 2 hours – 300.-CHF

Six « Workshops » to harmonise your image using lines, shapes, colours, shadows and lights. An image that finally uses the right words. Choose the « Atelier » you need, as you know better what has to be done first.

Morphology & Couture
Atelier Ko
Light & Colors
Bright sun light, sunbeams, flares shining through sunrise clouds, cloudscape
Tell Your Story
Movie clapper board
Check Your Wardrobe
Delightful dressing room with hanged clothes
High-Value Target
What you get in each


Shapes and sizes are not indicators of character, morality, intelligence, or success. A Self-Image based on your own evaluation with a realistic perception of your body shape, will lead you to enjoy, accept, and celebrate how you are and let go of negative societal or media perpetuated conditioning. Free yourself of those outside forces.

Body types are our own and commentaries are unwelcome. 

Color symbolism is often employed to evoke certain emotions. Whether influenced by age, gender, culture, or not, colors do have some impact on physiology, behavior, and mood in some individuals. We see colors with our brains. Our eyes are important for detecting and responding to light, but it is the brain’s visual center that processes visual information and assigns color.

It is crucial to understand colors, because the light never hides its power, always showing us where it goes and what it will reveal. 

Visagism is an art that aims to perfect the natural beauty of people. A discipline that analyses personality and style according to facial contours.

The visagism is based on the premise that a person is unique and has its own beauty so it should emphasize it. It is an art that seeks to create a personal image based on the personality of each individual, whether with a haircut, makeup and everything that involves aesthetics.

It seems that an information associated with emotion becomes a vision anchored in the long-term memory. Let’s be A Face We Remember. 

Whenever you realize there’s a gap between what you see in the mirror and what you want to see, remind yourself that Clothes play a major factor in giving clues to a character’s personality. If you feel comfortable and you feel like you look good, you are going to act that way. It’s a way in. It will always be. Going deeper into that might be a life changing experience. 
« Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn. » Orson Wells

Most people’s wardrobes have more to do with their emotional life than with some never-ending quest for novelty. Some clothes are utilitarian, some are sentimental, some have to do with the community to which a person belongs, or wants to belong. 

I am determined to wear as many of my old clothes as I can, for as long as I can. Always reminding myself that to repair is to create, and sometimes it only takes a stitch to be tailor-made. Check your wardrobe and let’s do some art from home.

For an immediate and lasting return on investment, meaning a wardrobe made of immortals beauties, it is question to create your own gallery. Understand how to get the best and how to take care of it. In fact no matter how much you invest, your choices of pieces will always affect your style and your wealth. Make sure to do it right. Be patient and bet at the right time, only when you identify the high value target piece of art. 

« Some people think Luxury is the opposite of poverty. It is not. It’s the opposite of vulgarity. » Chanel