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I will never forget you


A second of silence for all those pieces which, to our great regret, are no longer with us today. Worn to death, lost in a plane, forgotten in a taxi, lent to a friend with amnesia… the list is long. Thank you for inspiring me, I’ll find you again if God wills.

Koko - image manager

Welcome To My World

I love fashion, I can talk about clothes all day, it’s my favorite subject. I have years of experience and knowledge in sourcing the « ultimate  » piece, the right bet. Each year, to maintain the highest quality standards, thousands of pieces are scanned. Their reviews follow strict rules to determine which ones will be awarded L.I.T (Long-Term Investment).

I don’t stand for a huge wardrobe, I think more about where my clothes come from, and where they will go when I die. Choices when done well can last forever and offer a new way to see your wardrobe. Not monumental in size but Immense in its possibilities. I am determined to wear as many of my old clothes as I can, for as long as I can. Always reminding myself that to repair is to create, and sometimes it only takes a stitch to be tailor-made.

When I find the right words for a uniqueness beauty, I am practicing my Art. Welcome to Atelier Ko, your dedicated and unfiltered Self-Image Art Gallery.

As a teenager (alas, long time ago), while chilling on a girlfriend’s couch watching a Destiny’s Child video, I understood and thought out loud :

« 90% of women, with the right tools, can all be stunning just like Beyonce. For the other 10% it’s dead, it’s the category rotten inside – rotten outside. Nothing to do, no budget. Karma. » So, for the big majority, if « You don’t have to be Queen B to be a beauty » then « Everyone is a beauty ». QED. 

Precisely when « Everyone » understands that he/she is the beautiful one. Clothes and accessories are there to serve him/her, only made to fit the person and not the opposite. Any number of possible outfit combinations will never challenge the uniqueness of a human being. Could there be anything rarer than uniqueness ?

« Luxury is rarity ». Cardin.

Each of us has an innate facility in one or more areas. For example, my eyes recognize all the degrees through which a color can pass and my memory allows me to remember specific moments and describe in detail the outfits that people wore.

I am the proud daughter of the man who paid the most attention to detail, was passionate about the perfect fold, the quality of the material, the right cut and the ideal finish. His quote “La Classe”. When my eye drawn irresistibly to the color of a stranger’s coat, to the cut of their suit or the logo on their trainers. When I See the garment in detail, detect the slightest thread, analyze the material, the cut, the fall of the fabric, and determine which accessories are most useful. When I find the right words for a uniqueness beauty, I am practicing my Art and I thank legacy for this.

For this, and for telling me that I should develop a self-image that is more based on my own evaluations rather than how I believe others look at me. Make me understand at early age that shape and size are not indicators of character, morality, intelligence, or success. Healthy attractive bodies come in many shapes and sizes.

Legacy, Passion, and so much more. Indebted for life, I promise to speak out loud his words forever.

I see people as an unfiltered picture of life, where style is performance art and appearance is artwork. 

When it comes to have a deeper understanding of clothing, I guess artists are the bests in it.  Most people have to dress a certain way – or we feel that we do. In our working hours, we’re not in real communication with our clothing. We might even feel negatively about them : we might hate our jobs, we might feel constricted. Artists are a good case study because, alone in the studio, they’re freed of those outside forces.

Some artists use clothes like a uniform, the better to free their minds to think about other things – and, perhaps, to make themselves instantly recognizable. Liberated in a way that we’d all like to be, if only we had the opportunity… or the courage.

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